If you want to create a website, there are innumerable ways to do it. For me, I just wanted to create a family website, one where I could show off family photos and share memories and stories with other family members. When I first decided to create a website, I was hesitant about the idea of a wiki, although it was what was suggested to me by friends who know about the web. A wiki is a site where anyone who wants to can edit content at any time, and even post pictures or music to the site. I was worried that if I were to create a website like that, some random jerk could come along and deface it, or even post objectionable things on it which might shock and traumatize my children. I definitely did not want that to happen!

Microsoft wants .NET developers to use its new experimental Blazor toolkit for building web apps to create native iOS and Android apps in C#. 

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/web-developers-microsoft-blazor-lets-you-build-native-ios-android-apps-in-c-net/

Originally, I used livejournal to create a website. It let me easily add content with no knowledge required to organize my words, and could be easily update any time I wanted. Eventually, I was convinced by a family member that no one would mess with my wiki if I made one, and it would save me time, not having to edit everyone’s postings and put them up myself. Of course, I had to learn some basic programming to create a website from scratch, but it wasn’t as hard as you might think, and was definitely rewarding.

To create a business website, like my wife had to, however, is a different thing altogether. Let me tell you, it can be a nightmare to create a website which gets good traffic and good search engine ratings, and has the capability to handle online financial transactions to boot. Who would want to have to learn that all by hand?

My wife didn’t, that’s for sure. She hired a professional to create a website for her. They found good hosting, incorporated images which she chose, optimized it to increase browser hits, and all around designed her business website so that she could worry about other things. They even had a free ten day money back guarantee for anyone who wasn’t happy, but I’ll tell you, she sure was happy with the service. She owns a poster store specializing in vintage rock and roll posters, and since she hired a programmer to create a website for her, business has gone up 100 percent!