If you are the type of person who is wondering how to create a web page, chances are that you are not all that Internet savvy. Really, creating a web page can be easy or difficult, depending on how ambitious you are and what you want to include. If you are only after creating your own blog, then there is absolutely nothing to it. All you really have to do is to register with one of the many services set up to make blogging easy, such as myspace.com, or livejournal.com. They will tell you step by step how to create a web page, but believe me, it is easy to do on one of these sites. The layout is already set up for you, the page is basic and functional, and no programming knowledge is required.

Creating a website can be a daunting task—challenging to be sure for any business owner irrespective of their industry. But it is essential that you keep a keen eye on the development elements that are necessary for an optimum website for your business.

Source: https://webwriterspotlight.com/common-mistakes-when-creating-a-business-website

If you are after something more elaborate, than more effort is required. You can register a domain, for example, which will cost some money. That way, you get to chose what name your website goes by, and set it up yourself. Once you do that, you can set out to learn html, however this takes a long time. A shortcut is to learn one of the many programming languages set up for people who do not know much about how to create a web page, but want to do something customized on their own. Of course, learning one of these programs will take more effort than just pasting your text up on your blog, but if you want to know how to create a web page instead of using some prefabricated template, there is no better solution.

Of course, once you learn how to create a website, there is still the question of what to put on it. The Internet has so much junk already, just there to look cute and take up space, so it would be a shame to just add more to the trash. Honestly, the secret to how to create a web page which people would want to read is to understand, and write for your audience. If your desired audience is just your friends, then it is easy. You simply have to put up things that your friends would like, such as pictures of social gatherings that you have together, and maybe information about what you are doing. If you want a wider audience, however, a good bit more thought must go into creating your website.